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Our yellow tube of goodness can
be used 5 different ways

  • 1.Body

    Hydrating Body Lotion: Apply to your entire body for instant hydration and glow. Lightweight, fast absorbing and non-greasy. For best results apply twice per day on targeted areas of concern.

  • 2.Face

    Daily Facial Moisturiser: Use as your daily facial moisturiser. Apply a small amount to the face with slow circulation motions after cleansing. Hello to flawless, glowing skin!
    *Suitable for sensitive and problematic skin.

  • 3.Primer & Protector

    Make-up Primer: Apply as a primer under make-up to keep skin hydrated and protected throughout the day! Keeping your make-up lasting longer!

  • 4.Hands

    Nourishing Hand Cream: Perfect to apply to your hands throughout the day. Rich in Shae butter and natural botanical ingredients to keep hands hydrated and nourished without the stickiness.


    Spot Treatment: Banish those unwanted breakouts asap! Apply directly on the pimple to help reduce redness, inflammation and prevent scarring.

  • 6.see reviews

    Other Ways To Use: Read our reviews for other ways Bangn’ babes are using our products.



We create clean, natural and organic products that benefit your skin. You won’t find silicones, parabens, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, mineral oils, PEGs, chemical UV filters petrolatum or synthetic colours in our products


Animals are made to be loved not tested, we are 100% cruelty free and are obsessed with our furry friends.


We are proud to be Australian Owned and Made. All our products are carefully created with local, ethical and purposeful ingredients that work.


Use our firming lotion

  • I was always spending $100s on skincare and doing soo much to try improve it until I found out about this amazing yellow tube! It works! Trust me. My skin was always breaking out and red within weeks this changed dramatically, I love it. Thank you! @torijaneyoung
  • I have only used this cream for a bit over a week and rash I have had on the back of my arms for years is finally vanishing! This cream makes my skin feel so good and I actually get the result I never knew was possible. I will be purchasing again! @georgia_lee
  • Just wanted to say freakin thank you for creating a godsend of a product! Honestly wasn’t sure it was going to be all that was promised but the results after 7 days are literally draw dropping! Thanks again! @_casscain
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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Skin Type: Oily
Age Bracket: 20 - 30
Skin Concern: Cellulite
Perfect for postpartum use!

I have saggy skin from having a baby a month ago and was looking around for products that were safe during breastfeeding and immediate use after have a baby. I came across this product and read reviews and thought I'd give it a go. The first time I used the body scrub I felt an immediate difference while scrubbing my body with it! My skin felt firmer and hydrated straight away! I have been using the product for two weeks now and have notice a huge difference in the look and feel of my skin! I'm so happy I purchased it and I feel so much more confident about my body already.

Skin Type: Combination
Age Bracket: 30 - 40
Skin Concern: Stretch marks
The best firming lotion!!!

Okay. WOW. I think ive struck gold finding this product!! My stretch marks are not as they were before and im using the non fragrance lotion (as i am highly sensitive to smell right now!) thank you bangn body- definitely coming back for more!!!

Skin Type: Combination
Age Bracket: 20 - 30
Skin Concern: Stretch marks
So surprised and so happy

I was hesitant but then had seen a few people I follow use this and found the ingredient list reassuring. Delivered in under 2 weeks and I can’t stop applying to my skin it makes me feel so soft and luxurious- no difference in skin integrity yet but only using for 4 days so far. Got fragrance free as I’m picky with smells but now would love to try the fragrance next time because the product and formula is totally worth it (fragrance free smells funny from tube but this is not the case at all once applied to skin)

Skin Type: Sensitive
Age Bracket: 40 - 50
Skin Concern: Cellulite
Could Be Better

I’ve been using this stuff for a few months now and I don’t think it does a thing for cellulite. Not sure a cream can... It’s a great lotion, but expensive for just that. I really really wish they would change the packaging. Those tubes are too hard even with the key. Not sure if I will be purchasing anymore if I find something else to try.

Skin Type: Combination
Age Bracket: 20 - 30
Skin Concern: Eczema
Love it!!!

Not disappointed at all. I have really sensitive skin and it reacted so well to this set