Dynamic Business Feature: New entrepreneur in the skin care world


Priscilla Hajiantoni’s earliest memories are of admiring her mother’s beauty and the daily rituals she took to care for her skin.

The daughter of a beauty salon owner, Priscilla’s after school education was rebooking clients, stock orders, and serving tea and coffee to all of the ladies looking after their skin.

Priscilla founded the Bangn Body brand – an all Australian, natural and vegan friendly firming and anti-ageing beauty range.

Bangn Body only launched in March and prior to its launch, Priscilla created an email wait list before the products hit the market creating hype which on the day of launch built to a hype converting into sales.

In Bangn Body’s first 3 and a half weeks, Priscilla made $7,900. Now 9 weeks in she had sold over 1,500 units totalling more than $30,000 in sales.

We chatted to Priscilla to find out more about her successful startup launch, how she did it and what her future plans are for her skin care brand.