Start your Bangn Road Trip camping with your gals and then make your way up the coast to a beach front villa - by earning B-Loyal Points.

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  • What is this?v

    Our Bangn Road Trip encompasses our core message of supporting our customers on their individual skin journeys. Our Bangn Road Trip is a very special loyalty program created to reward our customers with incredible incentives as you embark on your B-Loyal Road Trip! Create an account, shop you’re Bangn Body favourites and get ready to receive your best skin yet, by redeeming B-Loyal Points and Bangn Benefits inclusive of free gifts, special offers and VIP only perks. Jump in for the ride!

  • How do I join?v

    To come along on our B-Loyal Road Trip, all you need to do is create a B-Loyal account here.
    Already have an account? Jump in and get ready for the time of your life. Ensure you are signed up to receive our emails as we will be sending you lots of Bangn Benefits directly to your inbox. You can sign up to our emails here

  • Does it cost anything to join?v

    This road trip is absolutely free! Just grab your gals and choose your destination

  • Will I receive anything for joining?v

    We did say our B-Loyal Road Trip was going to be the time of your life! When coming along for the ride you will enjoy entry perks, birthday gifts, double point days and VIP access to exclusive Merch and VIP perks.

  • How do I earn points? v

    You will receive B-Loyal Points for every dollar you spend, that you can then redeem to get Bangn Benefits which includes discounts off future purchases or add exclusive gifts to your orders.
    You can also earn B-Loyal Points by creating an account, signing up to our VIP texts and emails list, reaching a new Bangn Road Trip Tier, and following our social channels.
    You will also receive money-cant-buy perks like exclusive event invites, new product samples before anyone else plus a gift on your birthday, VIP offers and entry into a secret community group.
    You can see the full list of perks available for each tier in the table above.

  • How do i redeem Bangn Benefits? v

    Redeem your Bangn Benefits at checkout when shopping your favourite Bangn Body products.
    Make sure your signed into your B-Loyal account to redeem discounts, VIP offers and free gifts.

  • How do points convert to dollars? v

    To put it simply, 1 point = $1. You can convert points in batches.

  • Is there a limit on how many points i can earn? v

    Just like a road trip, there is always opportunities to see new destinations. There is no limit to the amount of B-Loyal Points you can earn and the amount of Bangn Benefits you can redeem

  • Do points ever expire? v

    Points are valid for 12 months from when you started your B-Loyal Road Trip. Your points will expire after one year of inactivity - such as redeeming points or placing an order

  • How do I move up B-Loyal Tiers? v

    For each purchase you make you automatically earn B-Loyal Points. When your total points cross the tier threshold, you will receive an email welcoming you into a new destination tier and outlining all your new Bangn Benefits. You will also receive one-off tier entry bonus points for you to spend. The more B-Loyal Points the greater the Bangn Benefits

  • How to check your current tier? v

    To check your current tier and how to progress to next level, please make sure you are logged in to your account.

  • How is my VIP tier determined? v

    The amount of B-Loyal Points you have received by the amount you have purchased at will determine your VIP Bangn Road Trip Destination Tier

  • If I'm an existing BB customer, will I start with 0 points? v

    Yes you will start the program at 0 points, however your existing purchases from the previous year spend (before our Loyalty program launch date); will count towards your current tier status. You will have 12 months to continue shopping with us and remain eligible for that tier; or you will be downgraded accordingly at the end of the 12 month period.

  • Can I merge accounts or move points from one account to another? v

    Loyalty points are only activated through 1 email so please be sure to use your preferred email while checking out to redeem your points.
    *Purchases through separate emails will not be added to your main account.