Bangn Body Cannot Be Missing From Your Beauty Routine Because...

1. Bangn Body firming lotion reduces redness, bumps, and breakouts with its anti-inflammatory properties – because life is too short worrying about black heads!

2. It increases skin circulation, collagen production and blood flow which helps reduce cellulite and stretch marks. (Which is not an excuse to not drink enough water, girl!)

Bangn Body Product Pineapple

Bangn Body fruit bag

3. Made from all natural, Australian-sourced ingredients, it brightens and hydrates the skin and acts as a moisture magnet – and we can never get enough of hydration!

4. Our first and hero product, the Bangn Body lotion, firms and tightens the skin – from your beautiful face down to your pretty legs!

White outfit Bangn Body

Bangn Body lotion leg application5. Whether you live in a buzzing city or by the sea, Australian-made vegan Bangn Body lotion fights free radical damage and slows down the ageing process. Don’t blame us if you are getting asked for ID continuously!