Bangn Body founder Priscilla decided to take a leap of faith and create a product that she felt was missing from her beauty routine and make up bag. Enjoy reading our Q&A as we sat down with her to talk all things Bangn Body!

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What did you study in school and what were your jobs leading up to the idea of Bangn Body?

I did an Associate Degree in Business at RMIT and completed a Diploma in Project Management, Human Resource Management & Social Media Marketing. I guess the world of business has always inspired me - taking a concept or idea and turning it into a feasible business really interested me. I chose these courses as they teach you the different steps of business including, how to plan and create a timeline, how to manage and work with different types of people, how to market your product or service and how to communicate it to your chosen target audience. I really enjoy learning and developing, and I don’t think I will stop as I’ve always believed learning is growing.


Have you always had an interest in beauty?

From a really young age I was interested in beauty as my mum and auntie owned hair and beauty salons. It really opened my eyes to a whole new world of beauty and business. From a young age, my mum always encouraged and educated us to look after our skin and to treat it with love and care as we only have one for the rest of our lives.

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What sparked the idea of launching a natural, hydrating and firming lotion?

From a young age I didn’t have the glowing, baby soft skin like my peers, I struggled with bumps, breakouts and pigmentation throughout my teenage years and I couldn’t find anything that really worked. Once I hit my 20s I was even more obsessed with skin and beauty than before. When I spotted only one pimple I would freak out and try everything to make it go away which ended up really dampening my confidence. I then realised the more product I was putting on my skin the worse it became. This was the light bulb moment. I couldn’t find a brand that had multi-purpose products that was suitable for the face and body and filled with natural ingredients that actually worked - so I decided to create my own!


Before we talk about all the steps it took to bring Bangn Body to the market – how long did it take from forming the idea of the lotion to the actual launch?

It was a 2-year journey from conceptualisation to launch! It was one of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding times I’ve hard. Many months were spent researching, which I believe was and is the most critical part of launching a successful business.

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What were the first steps after you decided to go for it and create an Australian-made beauty product?

By observing, learning and researching – the three biggest things that I feel are super important when conceptualising a new brand or product. With all my experience from previous customers and understanding what the most common skin concerns or frustrations were, I was able to research and find a gap in the market for simple, clean and affective beauty. By discovering what was missing I was able to fill the gap between high quality, luxury skincare, with effective, affordable and efficient beauty, Bangn Body was born. 


What characteristics of the lotion were a non-negotiable to you?

When creating Bangn Body I had very strict non-negotiables. Ingredients would preferably be from Australia and possess super purposeful and results driven characteristics. Furthermore,  they had to be natural, vegan and cruelty-free and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. First and foremost I wanted to create sustainable, recyclable and eco-friendly products that our customers would love and trust.


What challenges did you come across during the process of creating Bangn Body?

Packaging was a big challenge! When choosing packaging I wanted it to be beautiful, unique and recyclable. Plastic would have been the easier option but I wanted to give customers more - more luxury, more formula, just more.

Our aluminium tubes are 100% recyclable and are made with BPA free lining. Creating our tubes alone was an 8-months process working with our supplier to ensure our formula would be suitable with the tube. We also love how aluminium tubes lock in contents and prevent air particles and bacteria from entering the tube, which ensures the formula stays fresher for longer and be affective to the very last squeeze.

Did you launch Bangn Body right after sampling or work in feedback step by step?

The formulation process took a total of 2 years including months of research, development, testing and working with the best skin chemists, formulation gurus and ingredient experts in Australia, to create a product that didn’t just feel amazing on the skin, but also worked greatly. Before launching I tested the product with a focus groups to identify any gaps and to ensure the product would work as it claimed. The focus group included women aged 18-50 who had different skin types and skin concerns. 98% of the women had instant results in the first day of applying the lotion. Their skin was hydrated, redness had reduced and imperfections started to shrink. 90% had significant improvements with breakouts and acne scarring within the first week of applying and 90% had significant improvements in stretch marks and cellulite after the first month.

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What is the main philosophy behind Bangn Body, the Australian-made firming & hydrating lotion that cannot be missing from our beauty shelves?

The philosophy behind Bangn Body is self care is self love and beauty should be simple but super effective!

I wanted to create the ultimate all-in-one GLOW lotion that not only hydrates the skin all day long but did more with less product and time. Our yellow tube of goodness is formulated with the highest quality natural, vegan and cruelty-free Australian sourced ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to help renew skin cells and improve overall skin health.

I also believe prevention is better than treatment and therefore formulating our Firming Lotion to retain elasticity, fight free radical damage and anti ageing, whilst also helping skin concerns now was an essential part of the development.

And lastly, for what skin types is Bangn Body suitable?

When creating Bangn Body I ensured it would be suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and was made with the purest, nourishing and effective ingredients in Australia.