Build your own Bundle

A special feature for our special Bangn Babes, now you can create a Bangn bundle that is totally unique and customised to you with all the products you love.

Step 1.
Choose your TUBE of GOODNESS
Firming Lotion
Face & Body Moisturiser
Smooth Skin Scrub
Face and Body Exfoliator / Mask
Illuminating Firming Lotion
Luminous Face & Body Moisturiser
Lip & Eye Beauty Balm
Multi Purpose Perfecting Balm
Fragrance Free Firming Lotion
Face & Body Moisturiser
Step 2.
Yellow Scrunchie
Vegan P1 silk scrunchie
Taupe Beauty Bag
Vegan Cosmetic Case
Luxe Tube Key
For every last drop
Luxe Gold Tube Key
Bangn Body
Heart Shaped Beauty Bag
Limited Edition
Step 3.
Add a little LUXE to your order
BB Yellow Tissue Paper
Bangn Body
BB Nude Tissue Paper
Bangn Body
BB Luxe Ribbon
Bangn Body
Embossed 'Happy Birthday' (A6)
Bangn Body
Embossed 'Congratulations' (A6)
Bangn Body
Embossed 'Thinking Of You' (A6)
Bangn Body